I had the fortune to be born in the south- Calabria region- and to be living between there and Sicily for 20 years absorbing the greek and roman culture also by studying there and then I moved up to Tuscany to live now since 12 years in the region full of historical cities, small preserved hamlets, amazing countryside and beauty.

The two degrees, one in Foreign Languages at the University of Reggio Calabria and one in Modern Cultures at the University of Florence I got and all my studies in tourism and marketing as well gave me the notions, my first job as interpreter for business men gave me the chance to travel all over Europe for two years and to develop my will of being among people although in a very informal and friendly way (totally the reverse when you work as an interpreter!).

My desire to really melt with the locals led me to follow a training which resulted in a certification in Informazione Accoglienza Territoriale e Turistica (IAT) and by chance I ended working at an award winning winery producing both Chianti Classico and Supertuscan wines. 

It is there that I started to learn technically about winemaking cause I still remember when the winemaker asked me what did I know about winemaking during my interview, I was going to answer "I open the wine bottle and drink it"!

After such a shocking answer, I pointed out that besides all the skills we can all learn in years and years of studies and hard working, passion animates the world and a new world opened up to me: I started dealing with wine tours and tastings plus direct wine selling for the company and I enjoyed so much the side of talking to people and sharing with them the knowledge and passion that I realized that if I could spend a day instead of a hour chatting with every single clients I could be filled up and I could fill them up just like when you fill a bottle.

Cooltours was born in 2012 as a one-woman business after more than 6 years of collaboration as a driver/tour escort for other companies and tour operators. 

Since then I'm a holder of an official license as a state-register driver, in Italy we technically call it NCC - NOLEGGIO CON CONDUCENTE- (as stated by the plates in the front/back of the van). 

This gives me access to all the downtown areas otherwise forbidden to private vehicles and this means I can legally pick you up and drop you off at the doorstep of your lodgings in town and we do not need to set up a meeting point half hour away from it.
But also I can legally do transfer services from the airports to the cities and back and I can be hired as your private driver and drive you all over Italy.

In searching of improving my knowledge and expertise I specialized as "TOUR LEADER"  and I proudly belong to the association of tour leaders and guides of Florence and I'm so happy to share my passion and enthusiasm about Tuscany -my adopted region - and my native country Italy. 

Beside escorting people during my drives in the countryside, I'm also escorting small and big group tours all over the national territory collaborating with several tour operators giving me the task of being sure all day trips go smooth, all programs fulfilled and overall being the one entertaining people with my comments and my cool personality.

A day with me has to be the " highlight " of your trip but nothing less or nothing more than who I am....your professional friend in Tuscany, cause it is culture but it is really COOL!