Cooltours® - Small group tours/Shared daily tours

Cooltours® gives clients the possibility to share a full day tour in the tuscan countryside or in the tuscan wine region from March to November.

When you read small group tours or joinable tours you just have to focus on the kind of service given by a company.

Several small group tours mean minibus tours of 12+ guests, while in this case it would be better to call these services "semiprivate tours" because you will not end up with a crowded vehicle but the group size is between 4 to maximum 8 people joining the tour.

Joinable tours are the easiest way to get an intimate experience by sharing the full costs with other travelers who are in love with Tuscany and tuscan wines.

The first clients booking the day tour will decide where to go and what to do and if you ask to leave the date opened, other guests asking for the same date and kind of itinerary might join the group.

Differently from other providers, unless specified during the booking procedures, you will be picked up at your hotel, apartment, B&B instead of having a meeting point.

The majority of the shared small group tours leave from Florence and possibly from Siena, while if you are staying outside the cities just ask for the best way to reach us or meet us in a convenient area (in case you are coming by your rental car).

How does a joinable tour work?

Pick up a date, ask for availability by email and if the date is open you will choose where to go and what to do and by keeping the date open other people asking for the same date, they might join the tour you have set up!

If there is already a full day tour someone else planned, after reading the itinerary you can decide if you wish to join us.....

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